Founder Mrs. Janice G. Pettigrew & Co-Founder Oscar Pettigrew, Jr.

As a former victim of domestic violence Janice understands all too well the toll domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault takes on a woman's self-esteem.  Using lessons learned in her own journey to healing, she encourages others to begin the healing process.  With the  guidance and support of her husband and co-founder Minister Oscar Pettigrew, Jr.  women are breaking the shackles that have prevented them from reaching their goals.  

Janice is a powerful inspirational and motivational speaker and facilitator demonstrating to women the endless possibilities that still await them.  Armed with love, patience, tears, and smiles, Janice and her staff of professionals and volunteers gently guides then through their journey of self-evaluation on the road to re-discovering their hopes and dreams.  Says Mrs. Pettigrew, "it is our desire that women learn not to be defined by the events of the past but use them as a springboard to move forward to a brighter tomorrow."

An ordained minister for more than 27 years, Oscar Pettigrew, Jr. serves on the organization's advisory board and also provides his services for after care to the women who go through the Fresh Start program. Minister Pettigrew has a unique perspective when it comes to domestic violence since he grew up the only male child with seven sisters.  His first-hand knowledge of the trauma that domestic violence can make on a woman's life places him in a rare category, a man who really cares.  "Having come from a broken home due to domestic violence, the exposure taught me to be sensitive to this particular epidemic and its effects on women, children, and the community".


Donna R. Shaw

Vice President

Janice G. Pettigrew

President/Executive Director

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Cathy Arrington, LPC, NCC MFT, MACC 


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Special Projects Coordinator

"Empowering Women...Renewing Lives"

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