Since 2004 we have provided a valuable service to more than 450 women and teen girls affected by domestic violence, abuse  and sexual assault. We are constantly making changes or enhancing the programs we provide in order to offer the best. Our success speaks for itself:

Of the women served: 62% are in healthy relationships, 7% of those being in new marriages, 15% returned to school to get their GED or further education and 15% return on a regular basis to volunteer their time. Of the teens served: 10% have or are preparing to go to college, 40% have their parents report improved communication and behavior, 30% of teachers report scholastic and behavior improvement, and 10% volunteer regularly

We can do the same for you. Have you been out of a violent situations for a long time but still need help moving forward past the pain? Then the Fresh Start Retreat is just the prescription!

Are you living in the shelter or other transitional housing environment? Our 5 keys to Empowerment & Renewal will help you get the "Fresh Start" you need.

Are you in need personal enrichment? Our 3 power packed seminars are just what you need. You can choose from :

Celebrating a Healthier You, Mind...Body...Spirit

God's Divine Divas

Murphy's Law Revealed & Your Role in It

Do you have a teenager age 13 - 17? Then our "You Are a Precious Jewel" program is just the answer to encourage and empower your teen.

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"Empowering Women...Renewing Lives"

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Career Assessments

Counseling Sessions


5 Keys to Empowerment and Renewal

Fresh Start Retreat

Personal Enrichment

You Are A Precious Jewel (Girls Ages 13-17)